2017 House Concert Tour

Cass Eager

November 9, 2017 Host a Cass Eager House Concert, NATIONAL (AUS)


Venue : HOUSE CONCERT TOUR (9 Nov-17 Dec)

A house concert is basically a get-together of friends in your lounge room or backyard with live music; often with food, drinks and conversation. House concerts are cosy, intimate, and allow your guests to really get to know the artist (me).

Hosting a house concert is an experience you will never forget. A house concert can be…
• an alternative to going out on a Friday night
• a concert under the stars in your backyard
• a reason to get all your friends together
• a way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion
• an opportunity to enjoy music with friends at home

You can host a house concert with as few as 20 people, and they are based on donations from the guests so there is no up-front cost to you!
If you’d like to host a house concert, please get in touch here and request a Host Guide. I’d love to do a show at your house!

2017 Spring/Summer House Concert Tour dates: 9th Nov – 17th Dec 2017
Deadline for host requests: 8th Sept 2017 and tour confirmed 15th Sept 2017

Once I receive all host requests in Sept I then plan out the tour and confirm with hosts a week later so there’s plenty of time to organise our house concert together!

Cass x