Down On My Knees

Band : Cass Eager and The Velvet Rope
Label : Little Bliss Records
Catalog ref. : CEVPEP10001

Named one of the ‘Top Ten Albums Of The Year’ of 2010 by Chris Lambie of Rhythms Magazine, ‘Down On My Knees’ was recorded with Cass’ new band ‘The Velvet Rope’ featuring Jon ‘Howler’ Howell on drums, Ryan Van Gennip on bass, and Jono Dallimore on guitar.

The EP features special guest appearances from Lachy Doley (Powderfinger, Jimmy Barnes) on keyboards and Melbourne’s queen of country soul Suzannah Espie on backing vocals on ‘Truck Driving Cowgirl’. Co-produced by Cass and James Freeman (Diesel, Black Keys, EJ Barnes), the new songs capture a sweatier, more layered sound and a less introspective, more character-based style of writing.

Lead track ‘Down On My Knees’ has become magical to the band, unusual instruments helping conjure up the sound of voodoo mystery and magic, lyrics coming from out of nowhere, rehearsal at a minimum and the first take being the one used. Sometimes, everything comes together perfectly and makes it right.

‘Down On My Knees’ speaks of a love of bad boys, dodgy truck stops, addictive relationships and life in the slow lane…things change, and Cass Eager knows it all too well. This soul sister is diverse.’ Beat Magazine

”Down On My Knees’ is is a more than worthy follow-up to her rootsy debut ‘Beautiful Day’. The EP captures a darker, sweatier, more layered sound and a more character-based style of writing. The listener is thrilled to be along for the ride. There is an undercurrent here of soulful endeavour and this is an extraordinarily well-constructed series of songs.’ Inpress